3 interior design trends for 2019

Today I’m sharing with you my top 3 favorite trends for 2019. As I am starting to put together plans for some of the rooms in my house this list served as great inspiration. I will definitely be including some of these trends in my home and I am very excited.
Trend: Curved Sofa
image via My Domaine

Love the Curved sofa trend a beautiful nod to the 70’s, we began seeing it 2018 and it’s not going anywhere. Why would it ? Curved sofas are chic and work great in a variety of rooms from big to small because of it’s shape. The curved sofa also adds a touch of elegance and softness to any space.

Trend: Statement Ceilings
Veranda Magazine
Image via Architectural Digest


We often forget about the fifth wall in the room (the ceiling) and I’m glad people are starting to show a little more love to it. The ceiling is the perfect place to really make a statement in your space, from a contrasting paint color, gorgeous mill work, to beautifully patterned wallpaper (my favorite) the possibilities are truly endless. It’s also a great way to create the illusion of height if you have low ceilings because it draws the eye up.
Trend: Black Kitchen Cabinets
Image via House Beautiful
Image via House Beautiful

After seeing white and light gray  dominate the kicthen & bath design scene for the past few years, it’s exciting to see black becoming a go to choice.It looks very sleek and modern and stands out against a white counter top. As you guys know I love using black in my decor so I am all for this in 2019.


Bold Walls
Image Via Pink Peonies
Image via The Makerista

In 2019 we”ll be seeing designers choosing bolder colors for their spaces especially lots of jewel tones. I’m glad we are finally starting to move away from the all white everything which can make rooms feel sterile, and rooms that are all in the same neutral color which can be very bland. In this design by Alice Lane Interiors they took this gorgeous wall color Narrangansett by Benjamin Moore all the way up to the ceiling which makes the space feel very elegant and sexy.

What trends are you loving for the new year and which ones are you incorporating in your home? Let me know down below.

xo Paloma



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