Design Files : Jenna Lyons

I came across Jenna Lyons home on Pinterest and completely fell in LOVE. Her master bedroom and ensuite have an uptown chic Manhattan hotel vibe and I’m all for it. One of my favorite features in this room are the steel glass doors. When you have a bathroom this fabulous why hide it. The steel doors are the perfect way to divide the two spaces and I love all the natural light that flows through. The different textures work so well together and the color palette is very soothing. I never thought I would say this but I am totally loving the wood clad walls. The room wouldn’t be complete without them.I think we can’t end this without mentioning that AMAZING vintage chandelier. Can I get a Haaallelujah ! Like jewelry is to an outfit this chandelier is the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful master bedroom.
Images via T magazine
Marble clad tub, chevron floors, marble vanity supported on brass legs designed by the jeweler Philip Crangi, I mean what is there not to love. Just give me a good book and run me a hot bath and I could stay there forever, or atleast until my fingers get pruney.


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