One Room challenge: Week 1

Here I am at yet another One Room Challenge with the hopes that I will actually finish my project this time (it’s my third entry). This season I will be designing my 9 month old son and my 9 year old daughters bedroom. My daughter has been helping with the design process since she does use the room more than the baby does she gets to make a lot of decisions which she is more than happy to make.For colors we decided on black and white as the base color for the room and so far the accent colors that are in the running are blue, green and yellow. We are leaning more towards blue because she likes that color a lot (not more than pink of course) and I think it works as a neutral color for both of them. The space is quite small so I have to be a little creative with storage and we can’t have too much furniture, but that’s New York living for you. We moved into the 2nd floor of our two family home (did a little switch with mom she’s on the first floor now) and this room has been untouched ever since. Haley and Maddox have been staying in my room so you can just imagine how motivated I am to get this room DONE.

We started with the floors because I don’t like light  floors so that big spot in the middle, that was Junior testing out  colors. I said “lets test a small patch” he said “no this is better”. This is where I learned you can’t DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF some things are best left to the professionals. We decided to sand the floors ourselves so we can stain them and It came out horribly wrong because  Junior skipped steps and that’s a big no no when it comes to refinishing wood floors. But if you know him then you know he hates following directions for some reason lol. We did not sand properly as you can see in the above picture therefore when we applied the stain it came out horrible to say the least. I was mortified, I didn’t even want to look at the room anymore so I closed the door for a week as if that would magically fix everything (it didn’t).

This is what it looked like when we put the stain. I was in shock as I’m sure you are too just looking at this picture. Imagine having to see it in person. Sanding properly and following all the steps is crucial when refinishing wood floors. Even if you  think you there are steps you can skip DON’T you will end up with a mess like I did and eventually more work. If you are anything like my dear Junior just hire a professional and save yourself the trouble. Later this week someone will be coming over to properly re-do our floors and I can’t wait. I also can’t wait to paint these walls and molding. The inspiration for this room cam from the picture below. I saw it and immediately loved it. Of course I will be putting my own kid friendly spin on this room but I love the timeless feel of a black and white room.

Come back next to see the design plan for the room and hopefully more progress.Also don’t forget to check out some of the other amazing rooms over at !

xoxo Paloma


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