One Room Challenge Week 3: Design Plan

Here we are Week 3 of the One Room Challenge we are half way through this and it can only get better from here right ? This week I haven’t made much progress other than finalizing my design plan and making some much needed decisions. My daughter decided she wanted to add a wall decal like the polka dot decal she had in her old room. This time we choose a star decal that I am going to put on the ceiling. I think it’ll add a fun and whimsical touch to the room we are both excited for that.

We decided to leave the door in the room white(I will probably change my mind later) they will be getting a fresh coat of paint and hopefully new hardware. I already purchased the curtains and curtain rods for the windows. I also ordered a rug(not the one on the board) If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen it on my stories. I thought the color and style would work in the space but it didn’t at all. I am now putting in the order for the new rug and a few other decor pieces for the room (the best part). The Lucite pulls are one of my favorite details in the space, I will be adding them to the Ikea dresser that is going in the room. So many little details that I’m loving in this space and I’m excited to see it all come together.

So as you can see things are moving right along slowly but surely there are still a few things that have to get done but we are almost at the finish line. Have you checked out some of the other guest participant rooms yet ? Some of these renos and makeovers are insane I love it ! head on over to the One Room Challenge blog and check them out.

See you guys next week xo Paloma


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