Living Room Refresh

For a long time now I’ve wanted to update our itsy bitsy living room and we have finally started the process. I eventually want to re-do all the rooms in my house. This will be the second room that gets done in my house the first was my kids room which still needs a few finishing touches. Its such a small space so obviously I wan to make it feel bigger, I also want to breathe new life into it because when we started the space was just very bland and at least to me didn’t feel inviting. I like to entertain and have friends and family over all the time and for a while it wasn’t a space I wanted to invite anyone over to see lol. We’ve made a lot of progress with the space which I will be sharing with you today. If you follow me on social media you’ve seen some of that progress already. Here is a walk through of what we’ve done so far and what is still left to do.


As you can see it is a very small space and this furniture was not helping at all.



We need to redo this little corner as you can see as well as the molding around the entry because you can tell there used to be a door there and I don’t want that.

I painted the the molding and walls Simply White by Benjamin Moore but now I want to change it to a darker color. I thought painting it white would make the space feel bigger but in reality it just made it feel very sterile and makes me feel like I’m standing in a white box. My brother didn’t even notice we painted he thought it was just primer so that didn’t help either lol. I am leaning towards the darker side of the color spectrum either a dark grey or a BOLD pop of color. In my next post I will include some more updates and some pictures of the furniture choices. Hopefully I would have chosen a color as well (fingers crossed).

To Do List:

  • Add upper moldings
  • fix hole on the floor and the missing molding on the wall
  • add molding to the walls
  • choose curtains
  • get console table
  • either an extra chair or two ottomans for extra seating
  • large mirror
  • wall decor

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